Carbon fiber material stainless steel watch

- Oct 22, 2016 -

Carbon fiber (Cabon Fiber) in recent years, more and more widely used in the field of watchmaking. Carbon black. Currently on the market and most of them are made with polypropylene fiber solid carbide. The production process can be divided into, carbides, graphite, and several steps, the carbon content of the finished product in 90%. High threshold of carbon fiber research and development production, from the production of raw silk to carbonization process are complex and stringent technical requirements. Many countries of the world, including my own, can produce carbon fiber, but size and quality and capacity, Japan is the world's largest producer of carbon fiber. Mitsubishi, Toray, Toho, these three companies dominate the global production of carbon fiber 80%, and three companies in recent years have been expanding production to meet market demand.

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