Manufacture of stainless steel watch

- Oct 22, 2016 -

Said, with carbon fiber watch parts is never easy. Only case manufacturing, mould on a lot of Kung Fu, and select which types of carbon fiber and resin mix is highly technical. Forging and heat curing is very important, is not a simple process can be reached. Abby Royal Oak carbon concept Tourbillon Chronograph, it uses forged carbon casing, the manufacturing process is quite complex. In simple terms, first made and actual case size, metal molds that are the same shape, while die releasing agent spraying within the mold, so that the finished product can separate from the mold after molding. And then selected carbon powder and resin into the mold under high temperature curing, after reaching a certain temperature and then press its forming. And the curing and forming process may need to be repeated for a few times to get the final product, which is also called "forging". In addition, some case in order to pursue the vision of a more refined and polished after forging, to achieve better results.

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