Stainless steel watch categories

- Oct 22, 2016 -

Rubber strap is no stranger to us. Silica gel as a favorite of strap material, frequently in the sport and dive table. On the surface, this strap similar to the traditional rubber strap, but there seems to be a difference.

Silica gel is a huge family, divided into two Han's line of organic and inorganic silica gel silicone. Is a highly active inorganic silica gel adsorption material, usually with sodium silicate and sulfuric acid the reaction, and after a series of processes such as aging, acid foaming system. Its main ingredient is silicon dioxide, structured like a sponge. Interconnected pores constitute a large surface area of capillary-porous systems, equivalent weight of 40% adsorption and condensation of water vapor, so much for desiccant. Inorganic silica gel is not used for the strap, but are often used in the watch care---as long as the silica gel particles and water watch into an airtight container, taken out in a few hours, then watch the water will all but disappear.

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