How To Buy Women's Fashion Watch

- Oct 22, 2016 -

1 special case: contoured case watches, unique personality, a fashion watch selling points. But such watches water resistance is difficult to ensure, even some dust is prevented, dust tends to be in the gap between table glass and shells, especially the arch table glass, hard to secure and seal between the extent of the case.

2 diameter is too large: some fashion hand skin strap with width at the junction of the case even up to 25 mm or more, this kind of leather strap when replacing, it is difficult to find the right accessories. And this type of watch-strap plugs (ear) for too long, strap fall off easily from the case down.

3 of diamonds: glittering fashion watch is beautiful, but artificial diamonds too much trouble, especially on top of the dial, are basically glued on, most prone to falling. Diamond even shedding a heart would be very obvious, so you have to take it like. So the time to buy this watch, it is best to ask what brand of warranty issues, or at least free fix is worth buying.

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