Women's Fashion Watch Purchase

- Oct 22, 2016 -

Most of the time, we choose the fashion table, bought a "margin of the eye", as long as consensus could not wait to buy it. Particularly low price watch, can evoke all impulse spending desires, but even then how much value should also consider its usefulness. Not that cannot be bought, at least when we are in these kinds of situations, you need to ask yourself one more sentence: this table what I should buy?

We need to pay special attention to the following aspects:

1 strap problem: white strap, especially plastic strap, taking care to spend time on, lazy parents take note, nice table once again into a two-tone beige are not pretty. There is a metal strap Stud above, prone to back button, or it is difficult to remove, such as straps studs with screws, so it's best to buy leather strap.

2 steel: many of the fashion watch steel case, so-called half-steel case is the only case back cover is stainless steel, and before the case material is copper plated lead frame, includes strap. Decolorization of electroplating process extremely easy, particularly gold-plated coating is very thin, with half steel case diamond is probably because in the previous comparison easier, so don't buy a steel casing or plated Bracelet Watch.

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